AKA All Eyes On Me

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[Chorus – Burna Boy:]
It?s 4 now
Time to get them goons and kick your door down
Niggas ain’t running anymore now
Bang bang everybody kiss the floor now
It?s a robbery
All eyes on me yeah
I see nobody
Stick em up and freeze
While I steal the show
It?s a robbery

[Hook – Burna Boy:]
All eyes on me (Robbery, robbery, robbery) [x5]

I?m tryna get this rap money in a rush
Tell em back it up for me when you see me in the club
Competition dead and buried in the dust
I?m like the legendary Brenda Fassie – Zola Budd
Once you get it you never get enough
And you gon need better credit to get ahead of us
We the power circle
Coming to you live from the 3rd world
Getting high on the purple
Bitch I?m on the top of my game
Black card rap star look at my face
If you ain?t fuckin watch you here for?
I got a 7:30 shuttle to the airport
Therefore, twerk contest I?m a nuisance
Jah bless do it for the youth then
I?m at the table with the bosses
You need to table up the losses



So slow down what?s the hurry boy
Chilling at The Grand
I’m tired tswaking these mamis boy
Popping L.E.S for chubby mamis who got it goin on
Moferefere re fesha go sena wrong
O ska fafathla ra ikutswa
And ha we fasa ra itsuba
Ha o ka phapha ra o thuba
And since vele vele qoqo le qoqo la s?nyobela
Wena ufun? uku nythswela bani huh?
Booty soft I?m ripping the buttons off
If money talks I?m willing to shut up all night
Nothing lost re shapa twalatsa all night
In the back seat ?cause wena ha wa fasa!

Ha wa fasa!Oh (Ha wa fasa) [x2]



[Da L.E.S:]
You know it always come back down to the H
At this stage of the game
I let the champagne out the cage
I got a Jesus on my chain
A bunch of Grey Goose in my veins
A bunch of bad bitches from the States
Skateboards on my bedroom wall
I had to take it back to the North 94?
Dalis on my penthouse floor
Now it?s all White Parties on this scratched out lawn (North!)
These streets is cold
You on the outside smoking sticks and stones
I?m all about mine like Patrices gold
And I ain?t gon? stop until I reach my goal
Leaked news on the iPad (gcwala)
Previews on the Snapchat (ziyawa)
?Cause it?s pippin off (shower)
like ?em Naija boys

[Da L.E.S:]
Right about now I wanna bring everybody?s club status right back down to the ground level
Big shout out to Pink Cadillacs
Russel the Love Mussel
Boogie Harry
R.I.P. Eldo Mr Whozoo
Grant Shakwane
Shibabadoo Shibaboo
And of course we can?t forget
Kick-ass Kenny Maistry
Cause now we in the mainstream
And I fuck with the A-TEAM
We out!



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