AKINYELE Rob Swift (Live In Philly)

Welcome to tobi2web Lyrics Sites AKINYELE Rob Swift (Live In Philly) Lyrics, singer by AKINYELE

Yo, Virginia, check it out
One time, let me rhyme on this
Slow it down a little, slow it down one time
Slow it down one time for me God
Slow it down man, slow it down man
Slow it down
Yeahhhh, right about there, uhh
Yeah, check it, yo
Killin the mic when I be grabbin it
I’m like a kid to birth control pills
– cause yo, I’m not havin it!
Fuck that, it’s the real rap
The ready whenever to react
It don’t matter where I’m at, I don’t carry maps
Guys you better recognize
I’m one of illest, lyricists, that ever exist
So watch your back like Zorro
I take a toll on your ass, like the triboro
Fuck it! I’m thorough
You niggaz better face the facts, or get smacked
in the face with the gat, I turn
pretty boys, into craig Macks

You know what I’m sayin, word up, word up
Aiyyo this is Ak-nel
Virginia, we out of here, yeah!



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